Orono Lodge
No. 325

Ontario District

About Orono Lodge No. 325

A History of ‘Brothers'

Orono Lodge was founded in 1874, in the town of Orono, Ontario. Orono is a small, vibrant town located about 60 minutes drive north east of Toronto. A group of eight Durham Lodge brethren, led by the Lockhart brothers, met December 17, 1874 to see if there was enough interest in Freemasonry. They proceeded to petition  for a warrant from the Grand Lodge, as four more brethren joined the eight! The warrant was granted, and the meetings were held in the ‘Sons of Temperence Hall’ on the corner of Park Street and Church Street, Orono. This handy location proved well received as membership in Orono Lodge grew to 65 by 1895.

Town of OronoOrono Lodge (Teaser)

Who Are Freemasons?

Freemasons (also known as Masons) belong to the oldest and largest fraternal organization in the world. Today, there are more than two million Freemasons in North America. Masons represent virtually every occupation and profession, yet within the Fraternity, all meet as equals. Masons come from diverse political ideologies, yet meet as friends. Masons come from varied religious beliefs and creeds, yet all believe in one God. 

One of the most fascinating aspects of Freemasonry is how so many men, from so many different walks of life, can meet together in peace, always conducting their affairs in harmony and friendship and calling each other "Brother."

There are over 3.2 Million Freemasons around the world, with 40,000 in Ontario alone!

Meet our 2017-2018 team

We are a group of skilled Masons.

Michael Stephenson

Worshipful Master

Norman Tillson

Immediate Past Master

Kevin Fudge

Senior Warden

Stephen Spence

Junior Warden

Nick Tutkoluk

Senior Deacon

Brian Way

Junior Deacon

Jeffrey Leslie

Senior Steward

Adam Fallis

Junior Steward

Malcolm McKenzie


John Witheridge

Assistant Secretary

Wayne Bailey

Chaplain & Historian

Brian Shoenmaker


Ian McKenzie

Director of Ceremonies

Blain Moffat

Inner Guard

Robert Rosseau


Robert Ough



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124 Church Street North, Orono, Ontario

To contact one of us, email wm@orono325.ca